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Should we allow mid season trades in Summer League?
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This season WUDi will be conducting three leagues: Coed Draft League, Open Draft League and the Rec League. Descriptions of the three leagues are provided below - please read them and sign up for the league appropriate for your skill level and motivation. People are welcome to join one of the Draft Leagues in combination with Rec League.

Coed and Open Draft Leagues
The Draft Leagues are very competitive leagues known for their high level of play. Each league will conduct in a 22-game season, culminating in a championship tournament.

Teams rosters for the Draft Leagues are determined through a draft. Due to a limited number of spots on the Coed Draft League team rosters, we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone wishing to join. Those who are not offered a spot in the Coed Draft League will be offered a spot in the Open Draft League or the Rec League (see below).

Draft League games are held on the Main Fields at Purchase College in scenic Westchester County, NY. Draft League is held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, starting at 6:30 p.m.

WSL Rec League
The Rec League is a competitive league where the level of play is a notch below the Draft League. The Rec League is ideal for novices and casual ultimate players as well as skilled players who would like to play as mentors. The league has six teams and culminates in a championship tournament where all teams play.

Teams for Rec league are determined through a modified draft where the goal is parity throughout the league. Thus, in Rec League, you may request to play with a friend. Enter your request in the Comments section of the registration form and have them do the same. It may not be possible to honor all requests, but we will try.

Games for Rec League are held on the Main Fields at Purchase College in scenic Westchester County, NY. Rec League is held on Thursday evenings, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Westchester Summer League is made up of two separate leagues: Draft League and Rec League.  Draft League is split into two divisions: Open and Coed. Please see here for a descriptions.

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