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DISCLAIMER: This blog is an open forum for the Breakside contributors.  The opinions and views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the WUDi organization.

Winter League 2017 begins tonight, and we've got some early season coverage of last season's finalists to whet your appetite on your commute to Chelsea Piers.

Team 1 (Bosco) returns a core of key players from his Fall 2016 championship roster (and the highest number of returning players amongst any returning captain), including Braden Paynter, Julie Sussman, Daniel Bush, and Craig Lowell.  He loses Bryan Gulyas, the Karl Malone to his John Stockton, but manages to pick up Todd Springer and Allison Walker in return, two more big downfield targets.   With so many strong, aggressive cutters, this team may have to learn to share the field with each other before finding their groove, but while everyone else is learning names, Team 1 will be building on an established foundation from last season.  It's hard to see this team not making it to the championship game again, even if they suffer some early season losses as they learn to incorporate Todd, ADubs, and the rest of the new players into their offensive flow.

The Dallas Ginger Dreamboats (Palmers) look poised to avenge their loss in the Fall 2016 finals.  Their roster will be a matchup nightmare for some of the shorter teams in the league -- how do you account for any three of Shockey, Dan Velazquez, Nic Dacey, and Ben Ivers, besides hoping that they run into each other while skying everyone on your team and somehow drop the disc?  Add in Shannon Velazquez, Matt Leventhal, and Dave Wexler behind the disc, plus Dee as the glue cutter holding it all together, and you've an offense that will run roughshod over a lot of defensive lineups.  Although this team does have to be aware of limiting unforced turnovers from some of their throwers with a penchant for making high risk/high reward throws, Shockey and Dee know how to clamp down on those errors with their "take the easy one" offensive mentality.

That's it for today, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for early-season writeups on the remaining six teams!


By now, we should be two games into the 2015 WSL season. Instead, we have no official results and some very soggy fields. If you're as mad about this as I am, you're probably looking for someone to blame. Here are some potentially guilty parties:

1) President Barack Obama

People seem to love blaming this dude for all of their problems. So why not put this on him? He's used to it.

2) Weather.com

So far this season, here's how I see it: I keep checking weather.com, they keep forecasting rain, WUDi games keep getting rained out. Ipso facto, Weather.com keeps canceling WUDi. I'm pretty sure that's how meteorology works.

3) Al Gore

If Al Gore hadn't invented global warming, we wouldn't be having all this rain. I'm pretty sure that's how science works.

4) Ryan Delaney

I'm not sure if he had anything to do with all this rain we've been getting. But in my experience, if you blame Delaney for stuff, people tend to assume he's responsible.


Greetings fellow summer leaguers! WUDi on Wayne; WUDi on Garth.

This summer I will be writing preview and recap posts for the Coed Draft League. Before we jump into this year's teams, a couple thoughts:

-As I wrote these up, it occurred to me how few names I actually know in the league. Please feel free to come say hi at some point over the summer.

-One thing I'm going to avoid is making (serious) predictions. I think this could be weird since I'm A) in the league. B) not good at making predictions.

Anyway, here goes. Teams are presented in no particular order, with a few thoughts about each team. I decided that each team needed a better nickname than just a color, so hopefully some of these stick.


Kahn Ache-ademy (Neon Pink)


This team's players will learn a lot...about the recent advances in sports medicine. But also about ultimate. Like Khan Academy, this team will be boring steady and predictable reliable.

Head Instructor: Julie Sussman

Leg Instructor: Rick Kahn

This team will lead the league in: Words per e-mail, positivity, pink mustaches, baggage (I mean that in the sense that Julie's pants are baggy, and also they picked a lot of baggaged players).

Doyle-hood (Purple)


This season will be about growing up. Dealing with hardship, change, emotions. I don't think this team is 12 years in the making, but it was (probably) well thought out.

Mason Jr: Gina Stees. You guys are both artists, but most people just don't get it. You both seem to spend a lot of time staring at the clouds.

Mason Sr (Ethan Hawke): Matt Pippin Auletta. When he's around, everything will be great. But can this team hold it together when it only sees its father every other weekend handler every Monday?

Olivia (Patricia Arquette): Collin Bartoldus. When things are getting crazy, it'll be up to Collin to steady the ship. Also, if you've ever seen Collin throw a fake, you know that he too is deserving of an Oscar.

This team will lead the league in: Making opponents look silly in the air.

Shockey Balboa (Red)


This team is a fighter, through and through. Counted out by the insiders, Team Red could very well defeat its steroid-injecting, 1850-PSI punching, communist sympathizing opponents. Or maybe they'll just beat some other teams at ultimate.


Rocky: John Palmer. Not your prototypical fighter, but he has heart and grit. Fact: I have seen Shockey punch frozen cow carcasses.

Micky: Dee Palmer. When this team is down, Dee will probably be the one shouting at it to get back up.

Apollo Creed: Arnold Sanchez. He used to be a rival, but now this capable veteran joins the team for another shot at glory.

This team will lead the league in: Attendance, enthusiasm, decibels.

Wedding Smashers (Silver)


Can they be immature at times? Absolutely. But I'm pretty confident this team will have a blast, and they'll be competitive too.

John and Jeremy: Andrew Bosco and Nick Judson. Dyanmic pair who love having a good time. [Bosco] was first team All-State. [Bosco] can put the ball anywhere [Bosco] want[s] to. [Bosco]'ll make it rain out here.

Sec. Cleary (Christopher Walken): Mike Samuelson. Wise, respected, experienced. The patriarch of this team will have his hands full this summer.

Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper): Bryan Gulyas. Talented player who sometimes lets his intensity get the better of him.

Chazz Reinhold: Steve Finn. Expert handler. Living the dream.

This team will lead the league in: Height, dance montages.

Avengers: Zag of Ultron (Gold)

OK, the pun here is especially terrible, but the name seems to fit. Most of the gang is back together again for another run at box-office domination/greatness. This movie/team will be full of exciting action sequences, bitter rivalries among teammates, and heart-pounding drama.

Ironman/Tony Stark: Teddy Mason. American billionaire playboy, industrialist, and ingenious engineer. Not sure if any of these things describe Teddy. But they are both good at what they do. And Teddy could use a protective suit like Ironman's.

Thor: Kamil Skwarek. Loves throwing hammers. Can fly. Is Norse (or Polish, or something like that).

The Hulk: Eric Eckelman. Much like Mark Ruffalo, he seems to get better with age. Oh, and like the Hulk, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Nick Fury: Mandy Myers. Will have to keep the team of superheroes together, navigating the inevitable clash of personalities.

This team will lead the league in: Age, superpowers, forehand hucks.

Catch me if you Canetti (Kelly Green)

Mostly because I think this team is exciting and sneaky good. Like the cast the movie, this team has a ton of depth and experience.

Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leo DiCaprio): Seth Canetti. OK, so maybe Seth isn't running around the world cutting fake checks, flying airplanes, and pretending to be a doctor (maybe he is). But I do think he, like Frank, has a way of adapting to any situation he's up against.

Steven Spielberg: Becca Canetti. Even though Seth is the one in front of the camera, on draft night it seemed like Becca was running the show. Will be interesting to see how team Canetti works.


This team will lead the league in: Passes completed.

Jeannine Girls (Carolina Blue)


Even though this team's first three picks were male, its success likely hinges on the performance and attendance of its women. Hopefully this team doesn't square off with Rick and Julie's squad on a Wednesday, because on Wednesdays [they] wear pink


Cady Heron: Shimron Brown. New to the league, and he may be correcting people on the pronunciation of his name for a while.

Regina George: Diana DeLeo. Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by [Diana DeLeo].

Gretchen Wieners: Angela Tong. Diana's baggage. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

Karen Smith: Cara Brown. No word yet on whether WUDi's Weather Policy has been revised to reflect her ESPN.

This team will lead the league in: People with the last name Brown.

JurCassic World (Texas Orange)


Summer blockbuster or flop? We'll all have to wait to find out. Like the cast of Jurassic World, this team doesn't have any huge stars (yet). Could this be time for a new star to emerge?

Chris Pratt: Daniel Brubaker. Not a full-fledged superstar yet, but this could be his breakout role. Like Pratt, he turned some heads with last summer's performance.

Velociraptor: Kyla and Brianna Dayer. Wikipedia tells me that velociraptor means "swift seizer." Seems kinda perfect.

Tyrannosaurus: Todd Springer and Evan Blumberg. Tall and fierce.

This team will lead the league in: T-rex points.

[Note from WUDi's legal team: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any rebroadcast, reproduction, or other use of the pictures and accounts of this game article without the express written consent of Major League Baseball Westchester Ultimate Disc, inc. is prohibited.]


Rafe Steinhauer was hoping he and two of his teammates would miss the WSL playoffs Aug. 11.


Now he expects to be there.

Because the Connecticut Constitution pro team has suspended operations due to its conflict with the AUDL, Steinhauer and pro teammates Andy Bosco and Nick Judson are free and clear to play for a summer league title Aug. 11 instead of in the AUDL championship game in the Pontiac Silverdome.


All three are members of the first-place Royal Blue team (9-1 entering Wednesday's action).


"Andy, Nick and I will be available for finals, but we'll be severely hurt on the ladies side," Steinhauer told ZAG's RAG.


"Kendra Frederick will be with Bent at ECC. Mary Glickman has Slow White practice up in Boston. And Lauren "LD" Doyle, who has been a stud for us all year, will be on vacation."


Not every WUDI team will have its pros, though.


Kamil Skwarek, featured previously in this space, will head to Seattle to play with PoNY in ECCs instead of playing WUDI.


Steinhauer was my teammate last year on the Charcoal "Charks" team which won it all under co-captains Adam Goff and Kelly "Beezus" Hyland, but he skipped finals to play with D-5.


Now, he plans to be around.


"I'd like to think we are the best team in the league, but the truth is this title is as wide-open as it is every year," he said. "And by 'wide-open' I mean the ngravers should start practicing the words 'Royal' and 'Blue.'"


As for the future of the AUDL, it remains uncertain.


Both Connecticut and league favorite Philadelphia could bail next year and play in a new pro league of some kind, or they could simply play a series of exhibition games the way NexGen does.


"Everything is still uncertain, including whether or not Connecticut and Philadelphia leave," Steinhauer said. "If the league significantly restructures, we'd love to be a part of what was started this year."


*If you have an idea for a blog post, feel free to email Adam at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

**And check out the popular ZAGSBLOG.com for the latest news on the Knicks, college hoops and basketball recruiting.




kamilPURCHASE, N.Y. -- Kamil Skwarek is performing the Ultimate juggling act.


A 21-year-old native of Poland, Skwarek is playing for not one, not two, but three Ultimate teams this summer.


The 6-foot-3 Skwarek is balancing playing for the Connecticut Constitution professional team and the New York club team, PoNY (Pride of New York.)


Oh, and (full disclosure) he's also playing with me on the Burgundy squad in the Westchester Summer League. (Actually, we're all playing with him.)


"I'm a pretty young player," Skwarek, who has only been playing Ultimate for thee years, said Wednesday at SUNY Purchase after helping Burgundy down Charcoal, 15-9, to improve to 3-2 on the season.


"I'm trying to get as much as experience as I can this summer. It's been great playing with the Constitution, but that ends early August. So I would love to play with a team through August, through September, up to [Club] Regionals and Nationals."


Skwarek, who is majoring in allied health at UConn and hopes to be a physical therapist, is one of just two players -- Chris Mazur is the other -- playing for both the Constitution in the inaugural year of the American Ultimate Disc League and for PoNY.


Sometimes that has required some delicate travel arrangements.


On the weekend of June 2-3, Skwarek and Mazur had commitments to both teams. The Constitution played at the Buffalo

Hunters on Saturday at 6:30 p.m., yet PoNY was playing both days at the Cazenovia (N.Y.) tournament.

So rather than pick one, they played both events.


"I tried to play for both teams," Skwarek said. "So on Saturday I played for PoNY for two games. Then I went up to Buffalo to play for the Constitution. From Cazenovia to Buffalo was a three-hour drive.


"[The car ride] was pretty bad. We were both tired and sweaty.  We didn't get to shower or anything. We played a 6:30 game in Buffalo [with the Constitution winning, 17-13]. And after the Buffalo game, we didn't get to shower or anything. Came right back to Cazenovia that night, came in at 1 a.m. And then played all day on Sunday at Cazenovia [losing to Boston Ironside, 15-13, in the semifinals]. So it was a total of six hours back and forth."


Last weekend, Skwarek opted to skip Connecticut's two road games -- a loss at Philadelphia on Saturday and a win over Rhode Island Sunday -- in favor of playing with PoNY at the Boston Invite. PoNY again lost to Ironside, 17-16, in the championship game.


While the captains of both teams would obviously like a full commitment from Skwarek and Mazur, they seem OK with the current situation.


"Luckily, there haven't been too many conflicts between Connecticut and PoNY given that their season ends in early August, and we generally take most of July off," PoNY captain Jack Marsh said. "Both guys showed throughout the tryout process that they would make great teammates and are able to make the commitment that we ask of all of our guys."


"In the first year of the pro league, [captain John] Korber wanted to make sure that our players would feel free to pursue their other Ultimate interests, as long as their was a balance with their responsibilities for the Constitution," Connecticut co-captain Rafe Steinhauer said. "That may change in the future, but for now, Korber needed to allow that in order to make it easier for people to commit to playing in the AUDL.


"Kamil is a true 5-tool player: speed, agility, throws, field-vision and toughness.  He started the year as a handler sub on the D-line; subbing for Lucas [Murphy], Izzy [Bryant] and Mazur has been a great opportunity for him to learn how to play that position.  But he is going to be a monster for us and PoNY going forward.  He's an obvious pick as one of the next great metro-NY players, whether that's in club, the pros, or both."


Skwarek's busy summer is just getting started.


On Aug. 11, the AUDL championship game will be played in Detroit's Pontiac Silverdome, the Emerald City Classic (ECC) club tournament takes place in Seattle and the WSL playoffs will be at Purchase.


Unless he can clone himself twice over, Skwarek can't make all three events, meaning two of his teams will be without him (assuming Connecticut makes the championship game).


Such is life when you're performing the Ultimate juggling act.


*If you have an idea for a blog post, feel free to email Adam at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


**And check out the popular ZAGSBLOG.com for the latest news on the Knicks, college hoops and basketball recruiting.


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